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Our Residency Work Center is an entry-supported employment program that joins forces with our business partners to provide job opportunities for Foundation and Work Center Preparation Course graduates.

We created these residency work centers as a much-needed intermediary step for developing professionals to connect their early foundational knowledge with the responsibilities of their first real cyber job.

These paid work opportunities provide a coach-supported environment for early workers to further develop their skill set while gaining real-world working experience.

Diagram of CyberForward Residency Work Center

How it Works

Step 1

Complete foundation & work center prep. or equivalent

Step 2

Interview and Take Qualification Assessment

Step 3

Get Hired for 6-8 Week Renewable Work experience

This is what our residency work center looks like

What Roles you Play

  • Jr. Risk Analyst
  • Jr. Policy Analyst
  • Jr. Security Analyst
  • Jr. Vulnerability Engineer
  • Consultant
  • Project Lead
  • Project Manager

Services you Perform

  • Best Practice Risk Analysis
  • Policy & Process Development
  • Training & Awareness
  • Advisory Services
  • Security Architecture Services
  • Vulnerability & Cloud
  • Security Operations Center
  • Penetration Testing

The Way you Execute

  • Small Project Teams
  • Expert & Coach Supported
  • Consulting Approach
  • Phased Interaction Model

CyberForward EEO Commitment

CyberForward is an equal opportunity employer, and is committed to compliance with all applicable laws providing equal employment opportunities.


  • What are the pre-requisites for this program?

    To work in our CyberForward Residency Work Center™ workers must successfully complete our Foundation and Work Center Preparation courses, perform a job interview with our coaching team, and then be selected for employment.

  • Is this a paid job in cyber security?

    Yes, workers in our work center are paid employees of CyberForward and perform real cyber security job roles in part-time roles.

  • What are the pay scales for the residency work center?

    The pay scale for residency work center positions is $18-24 per hour.

  • Will I work virtually or in-person?

    Our work centers are operated 100% virtually at this time. However, we will begin operating some in-person work centers in select locations soon.

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  • What type of work will I do in the work center?
    Our residency work center employees perform cyber security risk, vulnerability and advisory consulting projects under the guidance of our coaching team.
  • What would be my work schedule?

    Residency workers always meet two times per week for two hours as a group and then also work additional hours outside of this time period depending on the project teams they are working on.

  • Do you have adult and youth work centers?

    Yes, we currently have youth and adult work centers operating at all times at CyberForward.

  • Can I work in this program if I graduated from another cyber development program?

    Potentially, if you can pass our assessment and interviews to qualify. To learn more, reach out to us on the Getting Started page. You can also call, use chat, or send an email to and we will provide you the application.

  • What if I have another job or family commitments?

    We understand that many of our residency workers have other jobs, as well as school and/or family commitments that they must manage in addition to working in this program.

  • How is this different then your business partner contract work opportunities?
    CyberForward is the employer in both models, however the primary difference is workers are directed and managed by CyberForward coaches in our work center program, while in our business partner contract opportunities workers are primarily directed and managed by the business partner.
  • What makes a good work center employee?

    The most important aspects of a great work center employee is that they are coachable and work well on teams.

  • Can I put this on my resume?

    100% this absolutely should go on your resume as this program provides our academy workers with real world work experience in cyber security. This is the most valuable component to helping aspiring cyber security professionals attain full time higher paying work in the discipline.

  • How do I apply to work in the work center program?

    You can apply for this program by reaching out to us on the Getting Started page. You can also call, use chat, or send an email to and we will provide you the application.

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Participant Experiences

“My experience interning for CyberForward has been fulfilling. I was thrilled that we are constantly challenged to improve and learn valuable knowledge. Furthermore, there are many learning opportunities and chances to contribute to projects regardless of skill level. In addition, the work environment is welcoming, and everyone supports each other’s growth. At CyberForward, I can freely express my ideas and expand my knowledge in a positive work environment.”
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