I'm Looking to Hire

As companies are facing a cyber security resource shortage, experienced and qualified talent is harder to come by. Supplement your recruiting efforts with CyberForward and avoid the resource and time costs of traditional hiring activities.

I'd Like To Be a Partner

Our partner network makes this program possible. From helping to identify students, to providing volunteer mentors, or supplying projects for participants, we are always looking for new partners. Help make a difference!

I Want to Learn

We look for candidates with specific aptitudes rather than specific experience or backgrounds. You don’t need technical skills to start a career in cyber security. If you’re a quick learner, work well in teams, and think logically, you have what it takes.

What is CyberForward Academy?

CyberForward Academy is an ecosystem of people working together today to develop the talent of cyber security tomorrow. This partner-enabled professional development program identifies and rapidly develops effective, job-ready cyber security professionals. 

Our mission is to solve the cyber security resource shortage and bridge the skills gap. CyberForward Academy is designed to tackle both of these issues by removing common roadblocks to employment while connecting organizations to a large pool of untapped talent.

How It Works

Phase 0

Introductory Roadmap Sessions

Connect with us to learn more about the program and how it can help you start your cyber career.

Phase 1

Identifying and Sourcing Candidates

We source candidates from partners such as United Way, Women Helping Women, Schools, and other community groups, as well as individuals who are interested in entering the cyber security industry.

Phase 2

Foundations Class

Participants take part in a multi-week foundational training course taught by a member of CISOSHARE’s security team. Participants are given background information on the industry and skills they need to be successful in an organization.

Phase 3

Hands-On Training

Selected participants complete projects with mentorship from security professionals. They receive hands-on training in some of the most critical roles in cyber security.

Phase 4

Project Work

After completing the foundations class and hands-on training, participants move on to project work with organizations looking to hire. High school and college students typically move on to simulated projects, while work-eligible adults move on to potentially paid work.


CyberForward Academy helps everyone involved, from participants, to community partners, to hiring organizations.

Help Solve the Increasing Wage Gap

Bring more opportunities to skilled individuals in the community to help them bring home a livable wage.

Built-in Diversity and Inclusion

Our community partners help us source talent from underserved groups, providing opportunities for success.

Relevant Skills are Acquired

Participants learn both technical and interpersonal skills needed for success in different cyber security roles.

Job-Ready Cyber Professionals

Participants in CyberForward Academy have the knowledge and experience for in-demand cyber security jobs.

Empowering Individuals and Organizations

Learn more about the success of our CyberForward interns with one of our first supporters and hiring partners, Pacific Life.


Securing Organizations of All Sizes

"CyberForward filled an important gap in bringing new cyber security resources to Pacific Life’s Cybersecurity team. We looked at the different skillsets that



Director GRC, Pacific Life