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Course Overview

The AI cyber security foundation course is designed to equip students with advanced knowledge in protecting digital environments through both cyber security best practice and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Further, this course covers the essentials of today’s cyber security landscape, from understanding security program fundamentals, to attack and defense strategies.

Next, it delves into AI fundamentals, its applications in enhancing security measures and activities, as well as its integration into business processes and associated data models. Students will conclude their learning journey with a capstone project that synthesizes cyber security, AI, and technical skills.

Further, the goal is to prepare them for future roles in maintaining and supporting secure, AI-driven cyber security programs of the future. Finally, this class is currently offered for both adults and youth through our partnership with CoastlineROP.

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“I really enjoyed the way the course was laid out and taught. It was structured in a way that made a lot of sense to me, even as someone who has very little experience in this field or with technology in general.”

Marena B. – Adult Program

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Curriculum highlights in our AI cyber security foundation course

How our AI cyber security foundation course works?

AI cyber security course

Step 1

Have an interest in AI cyber security and inquire with our team.

AI cyber security course step 2

Step 2

Go to our getting started page or attend an Info Session.

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Step 3

Register for the AI cyber security course to get started on your journey.

“I expanded on teamwork and being able to work as a group. I had never thought that presentations could get done so quickly before until I worked collaboratively in a group setting. I learned the basics and values of cybersecurity and I’m hoping i can use this knowledge for further cyber security opportunities.”

Yasmin M. – Youth Program

What does our AI cyber security course look like?

AI cyber security course objective

Course Objective

  • Understand Foundation
  • Attain Jr. Analyst Skills
  • Attain Business Skills
AI cyber security course


  • Aids in Connecting Dots
  • Delivers Employable Skills
  • Creates Go-Forward Support
AI cyber security course delivery

Delivery Model

  • Live Teacher Taught Virtually
  • 13 Weeks 10-20 in Small Teams
  • Scheduled Adult/Youth Formats

Benefits in our AI cyber security course

Foundation First: We work with you to connect the dots in the class so you can orient yourself to the discipline and your place within it. Further, this helps you chart your course and get to your desired destination much quicker.

Hirable Skills: Along with jr. level technical and non-technical hirable skills as a policy analyst, risk analyst and a vulnerability engineer, you will also learn technical, interpersonal, and business skills needed for success in cyber.

Do Real Work: Just watching and understanding the game is great, but this class also provides you realistic simulated work environments so you can begin to practice what you have learned.

Team Based Environment: Almost everything in technology happens in a small team, so this is the support system and approach you can expect in this foundation course.

Start Date & Tuition

Upfront Payment Option

Full Payment

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2 Payment Option

Payment One (Before Class)

Payment Two (At First Month)

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Adult Summer 2024

Youth Fall 2024

  • Is this cyber security work center preparation course taught live by a teacher?

    Yes, this course is taught as a live course by a certified CyberForward instructor.

  • Is this cybersecurity course taught online?

    Yes, this course is offered completely online.

  • Is this course offered for both adult and youth students?

    Yes, this foundation course is offered for both over 18 and our youth applicants.

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  • How long does the course take to complete?

    This course takes 13 weeks to complete in the adult format. The youth duration can vary depending whether the course is a summer or semester program.

  • Are there any pre-requisites for this course?

    No, there are no pre-requisites for this course other than successfully completing the application.

  • How do I pay for tuition?

    You can pay for this course after completing the application process by cash, credit card or you can apply for a payment plan.

  • Will I earn a certificate for completing this course?

    Yes, you will earn a certificate, as well as a digital badge for completing this course.

  • Do you offer payment plans?

    Yes, we do offer some payment plans which can be viewed here.

  • Do I need to be technical to take this course?

    You do not need to have any technical experience to take this course. However, this course can also be enjoyed if you do have technical experience.

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AI Cyber Security Course Experiences

“Around a year ago, I had just finished my cybersecurity foundational program with CyberForward and had a good understanding of some of the basics of cybersecurity. That course alone helped spark my interest in this field and guided me to continue exploring it, leading me to join this internship and now work as a junior security analyst. Prior to the course, I had no experience with cybersecurity but the structure of the internship, the resources we were provided with and the infinite amount of support from the coaches really helped solidify and increase my skills in this field. From the very beginning, we were given the opportunity to assist in client projects, lead them, and really get involved in the work. I expected to find that a challenge as I had just started in this role, but along the way as we worked on the different aspects of creating a security program, we were provided with lots of references, explanations, and assistance that all helped break down the complexity of some of the work we did. After a couple of months, as we worked on different types of projects, I got more used to working in this field and learned so much, not only regarding cybersecurity but general skills regarding business, leadership, and more that are all vital for working in a professional environment. This internship was a perfect way for me to explore this career as a high school student and meet others interested in this field as I do plan to pursue it further.”
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