As cyber security and privacy are becoming increasingly important for organizations to prioritize, the resource shortage that many cyber security teams are facing is more and more apparent. 

CyberSN and CyberForward are tackling this talent shortage on both ends. CyberForward provides hands-on knowledge and job training for hopeful cyber security professionals and CyberSN identifies and connects them with hiring organizations that need support. 

During the program, we provide value for both organizations and participants in the program by giving organizations the resources they need to execute security projects and participants gain relevant on-the-job experience. 

After completing all the CyberForward phases, participants are highly affordable, job-ready junior resources. 


Originally published on CISOSHARE, July 22, 2020

Why It Matters for Organizations

Take a long-term approach to building your cyber security team.

Bring on resources you need to handle resource-intensive security tasks and projects.

Map and allocate tasks according to the appropriate level of experience for your team.

Prevent burnout at the senior level and build room for growth.