CyberForward Academy Offers First of its Kind Cyber Security Program to Orange County High School Students

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CyberForward Academy high school program offers both school credit and real-world work experience in cyber security to students.


CyberForward Academy has had the privilege to partner with Coastline Regional Occupation Program (ROP) and the CEO Leadership Alliance of Orange County (CLA-OC) to build a unique employer delivered cyber security summer program for students in participating Orange County public high schools.

The summer program uses a multi-phase model that aligns foundational learning in cyber security, and work-based learning in specific cyber security job roles and projects, with performance of real-world project tasks with CLA-OC member companies.

Where this program is different is that it’s led and delivered by a cyber security employer. Students receive both high school credit and real-world work experience in a blended model that bridges the gap between education and real life. Students learn from and work with cyber security professionals to focus on specific skills development in common security roles.

“Bringing CyberForward to high school students is a chance to show them what working in cyber security is really like,” says Lynn Stewart, Director of CyberForward Academy. “We think this is a great opportunity to continue developing skilled talent throughout OC while engaging with local businesses to support their cyber security projects and initiatives.”

This multi-phase approach is designed to create a deeper and more realistic experience for students, as well as better prepare them for a cyber security post-secondary education pathway, entrance into the cyber security workforce, or both.

“This talent bridge has only been made possible through the amazing work of Carol Hume and the team at Coastline ROP, Amy Kaufman and the whole team at the CLA-OC, as well as all of the CLA-OC member companies that either will participate directly or have provided invaluable feedback in the development of the model, “says Mike Gentile, Founder of CyberForward Academy.

This first program runs for 7 weeks from June 22nd to August 6th and is open to twenty students from high schools around Orange County.

About CyberForward

CyberForward is a professional development program to bring more cyber security opportunities to qualified individuals. CyberForward develops skills with a focus on role-based training, foundational knowledge, and a comprehensive support system. The program is designed to enable success by removing common roadblocks for professionals looking to enter the industry such as access to transportation, technology, or other limitations while providing opportunities to gain the real, project-based experience to further practical skills and knowledge. CyberForward has programs available for high school students as well as working professionals or individuals looking to change careers.

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