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Organization: Anaheim Union High School District

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#1: Wed, April 27th from 4:00 to 4:30PM PDT
#2: Wed, May 4th from 6:00 to 6:30PM PDT

Location: Virtual


Connecting the Dots...

Rapid Development in Strategic Phases



Connecting the Dots...

Rapid Development in Strategic Phases

Sourcing Participants

A series of information sessions and workshops introduce the program.

Cyber security basics are introduced so students can get a sense of the curriculum.

Students are strategically chosen from various school districts so a diverse cohort is set to move on to the next phase.


Foundational Training

Training begins with foundational network and security concepts.

Students learn about the internet, a brief history, and the elements important to make sense of cyber security.

Business concepts and relevant soft skills key to success in cyber security roles are also introduced.


Work-Based Learning

We leverage our network of hiring partners and mentors to provide real world scenarios.

Industry experts such as Chief Information Officers (CISOs) and Security Engineers, immerse students in the world of cyber security through hands-on projects.



Project Experience

Cyber jobs demand experience. We help provide it. Students havean opportunity for work experience they can highlight on their resume.

This phase consists of a capstone activity mirroring a full cyber security project, or experience in direct roles available with employers.



Program Outline

CyberForward is available in Semester, Summer, and One-Week programming, flexible and customizable to your school's needs. Our typical program is outlined below.

Building A Better Way

Program Highlights

Hands-On Cyber Security Projects

Students work with former CISOs and other experts on projects that simulate real life cyber security tasks.

Relevant Skills are Acquired

Students learn technical, interpersonal, and business skills needed for success in different cyber security roles.

A Quick Path to High Paying Jobs

Highest performing work-eligible program graduates earn exclusive paid job experience or internships with our partners.

Job-Ready Cyber Professionals

CyberForward Academy provides valuable knowledge and experience for in-demand cyber security jobs.

Secure the Future

Connecting students with future employers.

“Working with members of the program and watching the human element shine through in everything they do is inspiring and energizing. We’re excited to watch the program continue to grow and to provide additional support and opportunities with future participants.”



Director GRC, Pacific Life