A New Era Needs A New Way!

Traditional cyber security training programs are lengthy and filled with technical concepts. What's more, they prepare masses of students for highly competitive roles, and advertise job placement assistance with employers who are also seeking elsewhere.

CyberForward utilizes a rapid development model to quickly prepare participants for exclusive roles at our hiring partners.

Learn more about our adult program below.

How Does It Work?

Sourcing Hidden Talent

Community and mentor partners help review and nominate candidates.

A short informational session and workshop is conducted and interested participants are assessed to ensure the greatest chance of success.

Once complete, a diverse pool of talent is set to move on to the next phase.

Foundational Training

Training begins with foundational network and security concepts.

Participants will learn about the internet, a brief history, and important elements necessary for making sense of security tasks.

Business concepts and relevant soft skills key to success in security roles are also introduced.

Work-Based Learning

Learn cyber security tasks by doing it just like the experts.

We leverage our network of hiring partners and mentors to provide real world scenarios.

Industry experts, such as CISOs and Security Engineers, immerse participants through hands-on projects.

Capstone Project

Gain confidence and hands on experience alongside security professionals

Participants will have an opportunity to highlight everything they've learned by working on a capstone project.

In a world where experience is key, a security project on your resumé can make a difference.

Building A Better Way

Program Highlights

Hands-On Cyber Security Projects

Participants work with former CISOs and other experts on projects that simulate real life cyber security tasks.

Relevant Skills are Acquired

Participants learn technical, interpersonal, and business skills needed for success in different cyber security roles.

A Quick Path to High Paying Jobs

Highest performing program graduates earn exclusive paid job experience or internships with our hiring partners.

Job-Ready Cyber Professionals

Participants in CyberForward Academy acquire the knowledge and experience for in-demand cyber security jobs.

Transform Your Team

Be a part of organizational culture change.

“Working with members of the program and watching the human element shine through in everything they do is inspiring and energizing. We’re excited to watch the program continue to grow and to provide additional support and opportunities with future participants.”



Director GRC, Pacific Life