We’ve Expanded Our Training Programs!

One of the most unique aspects of our approach is the speed at which we prepare participants for junior-level security tasks.

Top performing adults in our program have quickly earned paid work opportunities exclusive to CyberForward. Several have advanced to higher roles, or move on to more exciting opportunities. Top performing high school students are ready for life-changing internships.

This approach, combined with our focus on providing the curriculum free of cost to learners, has allowed us to build programs for everyone.

Learn more about our programs below.

Available Programs

CyberForward Academy

  • Our flagship program for adults
  • Rapid cyber security talent development model
  • Sponsored by community partners or employers seeking to bring opportunities to those in need
  • Admission via scholarship, must meet sponsor eligibility criteria to qualify
  • Top graduates earn paid work experience
  • Only offered twice per year

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  • Same curriculum as our traditional adult program
  • For interested candidates (18+) who can’t wait to get started
  • Leverage transferrable skills towards a career in cyber security
  • Top graduates earn paid work experience
  • Multiple courses available throughout the year
  • $2495 per participant

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CyberForward Jr

  • Via partnership with local high schools and continuation schools
  • Students may earn course credit
  • Immersive learning experience with expert and employer engagement
  • Top students are prepared for internship work
  • Semester and Summer programs available
  • Discounted pricing. We can work with most budgets

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CyberForward Next

  • For college grads and junior analysts
  • Advance your security skill-set
  • Prepare for advanced technologies and skills requested by our top hiring partners
  • In partnership with local colleges and universities
  • Earn a college certificate + Continuing Education Units (CEUs)
  • Program coming soon

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CyberForward Works

  • For employers
  • Customized curriculum
  • Develop existing staff for security roles, or augment your staffing with our available resources
  • Employer Training Panel (ETP) funding assistance available
  • Build a talent pipeline and be prepared for resource shortages
  • Flexible volume-based pricing

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Building A Better Way

Program Highlights

Hands-On Cyber Security Projects

Participants work with former CISOs and other experts on projects built to simulate real life cyber security tasks.

Relevant Skills are Acquired

Participants learn technical, interpersonal, and business skills needed for success in different cyber security roles.

A Quick Path to High Paying Jobs

Highest performing program graduates earn exclusive paid job experience or internships with our hiring partners.

Job-Ready Cyber Professionals

Participants in CyberForward Academy acquire the knowledge and experience for in-demand cyber security jobs.

Transform Your Team

Make our graduates part of your culture change.

“Working with members of the program and watching the human element shine through in everything they do is inspiring and energizing. We’re excited to watch the program continue to grow and to provide additional support and opportunities with future participants.”



Director GRC, Pacific Life